BMBF Joint Mobility-Call Opened on 19th December 2018

24 April 2019 | 14:59 Code : 158 NOTIFICATIONS NEWS

1st MSRT – BMBF Joint Mobility-Call Opened on 19th December 2018


Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and technology (MSRT) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research are delighted to announce the 1st MSRT – BMBF Joint Mobility-Call that focuses on exchange of researchers, development of research consortia, preparation of full scale research projects and their application.

This call has specified 4 main fields of  ‘Biodiversity’, ‘Bioeconomy (including Food Security)’, ‘Environment (including Water and Climate Change)’, and ‘Health’, where priority will be given to the projects in these fields, that involve aspects of Technical and Vocational training. For Health related applications, please visit here.

Please note that all the proposals must be submitted in English to the aforementioned email in the provided proposal format, where the proposal should also be submitted by your German partner to BMBF; where the Call is announced on BMBF and the Federal Publishing House website.

For further information on this call, please find both English and Farsi versions of this call, along with proposal format and detailed explanatory file on this call, please check:

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